When your furnace breaks or your air conditioner starts shooting out warm air, Town and Country Services is likely the place you’ll call. While our expertise in HVAC is unparalleled in the Illinois Valley, we offer many other services as well that you might not be as familiar with.

We pride ourselves in being the place you can call for a variety of household problems. You shouldn’t have to call four different companies because one problem reaches into different fields of business. We’re your only contact for heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical needs.

Getting to the Root of Plumbing Problems

The Town and Country Services is furnace installation service Princeton IL calls when things break, but if the cold weather breaks a water pipe or you drains clog up, we’re one the case. Plumbing problems are messy and can be expensive, especially if you wait on calling someone. We have a long reputation of fair and professional service, so when your pipes leak or your toilet backs up, let us come and take care of the problem for you.

Your Power Source

Electrical problems can be scary and dangerous. Trying to fix the problem yourself or ignoring it can lead to injury and fire. If you’re having electrical problems, no matter how big or small, take care of them quickly before they get out of control. Our professional electricians can analyze your problem and come up with the best solution. Your safety and security is our main priority.

Call us today on 815-872-2200 and get the Illinois Valley’s leading HVAC, plumbing and electrical company to fix your problems fast.