Air Conditioning Service in North Central Illinois

AC Repair, Installation, and Maintenance Checks

Whether you are in need of a air conditioner performance tune-up, air conditioning repair or are considering a whole new air conditioning system, Town & Country Services can help you! Let’s face it, cooling your home during the hot summer sucks up the electricity! Now is the time to take advantage of the monthly savings a new, efficient air conditioner Bryant Air Conditioner can offer. Add the TAX CREDITS and manufacturers’ rebates, and you can’t go wrong!

Town & Country Services offers our expertise in installation, repair and maintenance of:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Geothermal
  • Ductless Systems
  • Indoor Air Quality Improvement Equipment
  • Maintenance

We get asked all the time about money-saving tips when it comes to cooling:

Our first suggestion is ALWAYS keep your air conditioning system in tip-top shape with regular maintenance. Our Performance Tune-up is a thorough check of your system, and our technician also can tell you when is a good time to consider replacing your system with a newer, more efficient model.

Next up is INSULATE! Don’t waste your money cooling your home, only to let the hot air in your attic come creeping in…
Now we can help you with that! 

Have you thought about a programmable thermostat?

This small investment can save you tons on your bill year-round by maintaining your preferred temperature while you are home, and making your system work less while you aren’t. Not only will you save monthly, but your system is taxed less and will last longer!

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Town & Country Services is looking forward to saving you money and keeping you comfortable and cool! Call today for a free estimate on installing a brand new Bryant air conditioning unit in your home!

Trust us for installation, repair, and maintenance of all air conditioning systems. We specialize in new construction and remodels.

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