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5 Ways Illinois Valley Residents Can Save Money On Heating

The one guarantee area residents can count on this winter is electric bills increasing. The colder it gets, the more electricity your furnace uses. Depending on how insulated your home is, your bill can double or more. You can save money by following a few simple tips and tricks that we’ve learned through the years.…

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Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late For Furnace Maintenance

Mother Nature hits Illinois hard every winter with bitterly cold temperatures and high winds. There’s nothing more comforting than getting into your warm home and casting off the layers to bask in comfort…unless your house is ice cold. When the furnace goes out in the dead of winter it’s more than just a nuisance, it…

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Grab Great Geothermal Tax Credits Today at Town & Country

Geothermal heating and cooling systems is one of the most popular and environmentally friendly systems available. It’s so efficient that you can get federal tax credits and utility company rebates for installing and using a geothermal system. What is a Geothermal Heating and Cooling System? The problem with most heating and cooling systems is they…

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Difference Between Smart and Programmable Thermostats

You’ve probably seen commercials or other advertisements for smart thermostats like Nest and wonder exactly how they’re different than the one you have at home. With the evolution of digital technology, many home appliances and other items are getting hooked to the Internet, made  easier to use and provide more information. Let us explain to…

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Trust Your Illinois Valley Furnace Installation To The Experts

You’re sitting at home watching the latest episode of The Voice when it happens. Perhaps you hear a sudden thunk and smell smoke or you just notice the house keeps getting colder and colder, then you need a new furnace. Town & Country Services specializes in Illinois Valley furnace installation to make sure you’re warm…

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Is Ductless Heating The Right Choice For You?

Ductless heating isn’t for everyone. If your home has existing ductwork for your furnace, then there is a good chance that ductless heating isn’t for you. While ductless heating installation costs more than a typical furnace replacement for an entire house, it does not cost less than building new ductwork in an existing building. There…

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First Class Furnace Installation

Heating systems these days can be operated using a number of different heat sources. You have the choice of using heat pumps, and boilers. However, the furnace seems to be the source of choice due to the availability, and the cost when compared with other sources. Furnaces themselves come in variations which gives you the…

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Is DIY Furnace Repair Advisable?

Currently, there are numerous guides on the internet on how to administer furnace repair service Lasalle, IL area on your own. However, you need to understand that HVAC systems do not have any consumer-serviceable aspects. As such, you should refrain from do it yourself repair tasks on your heating and cooling system, unless you are…

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