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Town & Country Services: The Illinois Valley’s Choice for Electrical Work

Electrical services to your home are important because they run everything from the furnace to the lights. When there is a problem, it can not only impact these areas, but also be a fire hazard. It’s always best to let professional certified electricians like those at Town & Country Services Handle Your electrical needs whether it’s putting in new or upgraded service or repairing existing problems.

Service Upgrades
People in Peru, La Salle and throughout the area know and trust us for their electrical needs. If you’re a business and need your electrical services upgraded to handle new products and services, then you won’t find anyone more reliable than our licensed electricians.

New Construction Wiring
There’s nothing more exciting than building your own home or business, but you’re going to need electrical wiring, breaker boxes and more. Contractors know and understand our work is the best around. Our trained technicians understand the code requirements and make sure everything is compliant with local and state building codes.

Generac Generator installation and repair in ILGenerators and Generator Maintenance
There is nothing more unnerving than a power outage because you never know if it’s going to be a few minutes or a few hours before it comes back. During that time, your refrigerator, heating and cooling system and lights are all off. Residents in Princeton and throughout Bureau County count on us to keep that from happening.

We can provide you with a state-of-the-art Generac generator that will provide power to your home until restored by the utility company. Keep your food cool and your house warm with an automatic generator that kicks on as soon as the electricity goes out.

Town & Country also specializes in yearly generator maintenance to make sure your generator is in perfect condition when needed. Don’t skip on maintenance because you don’t want your generator to go out because you haven’t had it maintained. Check out our generator page for more information.

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