We are your premier home appliance solution for supply, repair and maintenance. You deserve a break from all the hectic hours you put in at work, or in making your home child proof (or tolerant, for that matter).

Household devices are subject to life-cycles of performance, we understand the need for maintenance of major home appliances like heating and air conditioning, which is why our staff is trained to handle a broad range of services. Whether your four load toaster is acting up, the refrigerator suddenly stopped working, or need air conditioning repair, a quick call will solve your problem.

Our vast experience due to the nature of home appliances qualifies us to perform electrical and electronic repairs for your entire major and general home appliances-plumbing included too. We understand the home and work hard to improve efficiency and restore order and balance with all the tools and accessories of life at home.



We have a reliable network of manufacturer parts supply which means that anything we replace is guaranteed to work. We specialize on making sure that our repairs are as sound as a new device, and do not hesitate to get you the latest replacement parts, or whole replacement of an appliance that has culminated its life service.

General Repair and Air Conditioning Repair

Whether it’s your washer, dryer, heater, gas supply, toaster, microwave, refrigerator, humidifier, Vacuum cleaner, name it; we know them all. Our technical team is poised to respond to all needs in a swift and reassuring manner that does not compromise on the quality of service.


For many of our clients, we perform routine maintenance calls for their major appliances like the heating and cooling systems, heavy duty dryers, washing machines, gas cookers and ovens among others. We pride ourselves in knowing that you can get the best out of all devices, and if that means competitively priced maintenance calls, then that is what we shall do.

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