Radiant Heating Service in North Central Illinois Area

Are you looking for an efficient and inexpensive way to heat your home in a more natural way? Radiant floor heating in North Central Illinois isn’t like forced air heat. It provides a more even heat distribution without the high temperatures and high prices associated with forced air.

Radiant Goes Under The Floor

You may remember the old days of radiator heating where water was heated inside a large metal radiator and the house warmed up through the ambient heat created by the water. While much has changed since those days, radiator heat is still an effective and efficient way of heating your home.

Town & Country specializes in in-floor radiator heat. Instead of a large above ground radiator that was known just as much for its high temperatures as its ability to hear, the in-floor heating system goes inside your concrete floor or underneath your wood floor to create the radiating heat. It’s safer than the traditional radiator and costs as much as 30 percent less than forced air.

How In-Floor Radiant Is Different Than Forced Air

With forced air heat, the furnace superheats the air and blows it into the home where it rises and then slowly descends as it cools. Once the desired temperature is reached, the unit shuts off. Radiant heat uses either heated water that comes from a boiler or heated electronic filaments and then heat slowly emanates from all areas of the floor. Forced air heat only comes up from the vents, but radiant in-floor heat comes from the entire floor.

An added benefit of in-floor radiant heating is you never have to worry about having a cold floor again. The days of walking across s cold floor when barefoot are over.

Since radiant heat is always on, it is constantly heating to a desired temperature. This eliminates feeling hot and then cold often associated with forced air heat.

Cost Vs. Benefit

In-Floor radiant heating does tend to be more expensive that other heating systems when installed, but given the saving over time, the unit eventually pays for itself. Since this is not a forced air heating unit that uses ductwork to heat, you will need a separate AC unit, which does add an additional cost.

In-Floor radiant heating is environmentally friendly, financially friendly and efficiency friendly. If you’re interested in learning more about In-Floor radiant heat, then contact Town & Country Services today.