At any time, you should make sure you air conditioner is working in optimal form. When your unit is working as expected, you will not only feel comfortable in your home during extreme weather conditions, but also save on energy bills.

Sometimes, you will need the help of an air conditioner Installation Spring Valley IL company to replace your unit. Most AC units have a lifespan of 10 years. If your unit is not working optimally, it will be consuming a lot of energy, and this will mean higher bills. At such a time, you should replace it. Below are two more reasons why you should replace your AC unit:

  1. i) Energy efficiency

You can save up to 60% of your cooling expenses by installing a modern air conditioning system. This saving is quite significant considering that majority of your home and business premises energy bills are related to cooling. New AC models come with a minimum SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) of 14. If you have an older unit, chances are that its SEER rating is 9. With this lower efficiency rating, your costs will be higher.

  1. ii) Warranty

Typically, you will pay more in maintenance and repair costs for an older AC. This is especially if the unit has outlived its warranty and hence buying replacement parts can be expensive. Moreover, even if a unit has an extended warranty, its replacement parts may not be available.

For example, the R22 Freon is being phased out with R410A. The change was necessary due to environmental concerns. Moreover, some of the older equipment are not compatible with the new ones. This means replacement parts cannot be swapped and hence replacing the whole AC unit will be necessary.

You can hire an air conditioner installation Spring Valley IL to assess your current unit and advise whether you should replace it.

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