saving money on cooling costs

It won’t be long before the temperature will  hit 90 degrees or higher and central air and window air conditioners will chill the inside while the sun scorches the outside. It’s this time of year that power bills skyrocket as people try to keep cool against the onslaught of Mother Nature. Town & Country is happy to provide some easy ways you can save on your cooling bills this summer.


Up the Temperature

When we come in from a hot day, we want the house so cold we can see our breath and the kids can build snowmen in the living room. While arctic conditions feel great in the summer, they also increase your cooling costs. Instead of setting the temperature for 68, why not set it for 72 or even 75. You stay cool and the air conditioner runs less, which means lower electrical bills.


Keep your Air Conditioning in Tip Top Shape

Year to year, your central air and air conditioning unit can gather dust and develop other issues that lower its efficiency. Scheduling yearly maintenance and cleaning can keep your central air running great. The better it runs, the lower your heating costs will be. Cleaning and maintenance are easy inexpensive ways to preserve the life of your cooling equipment and make sure you get the lowest cooling bills.


Replace Old Units with New

If your central air unit is the air conditioning equivalent of an 8-track, then you might want to replace it with a more efficient model. Older units use more electricity to produce the cool air and wear and tear on the antiquated technology can also lower efficiency. While the units can be repaired, by their very nature, they cannot compete with today’s model. Purchasing an energy star rated central air unit keeps you cool and saves money. In fact, it may end up paying for itself in savings over time.


Close Curtains, Blinds and Shades

Keeping the shades and curtains down keeps the heat from outside reaching in. The key is the reflection of the sun’s rays. You know how hot a room can get if the windows aren’t covered and the rays can penetrate the room. It’s Mother Nature’s heat ray. Light colored shades and curtains can  reflect the light that comes in and keep it from getting inside the house. This helps reduce the heat buildup by several degrees and keeps your central air unit from working overtime.


Grill Out Instead of Using Stove

When it’s hot outside, you want to limit as much heat generating activity as possible inside the house. The stove is the biggest generator of heat in the home and the main way to cook food. If you want to reduce your heat bills, then keep it off as much as possible. Instead, serve lunch meat sandwiches or grill burgers on the grill outside. Keep the heat generation in the house as low as possible and your AC won’t have to keep up with it.

If you need to get your AC maintained or your central air unit replaced, then contact Town & Country today and let one of your professional technicians help you.