The plumbing industry has evolved significantly over the last half century. Initially, plumbers only handled water supply and sewer systems, but they handle much more than that today. For instance, they also handle gas supply systems and parts of hydronic heating systems, which rely heavily on plumbing. The tools used by plumbers have also changed and increased in complexity. Nowadays, plumbers use ground penetrating radar technology to pin point the exact location of pipes or leakages, to ensure accurate repairs. They also use the latest camera technologies to go into plumbing systems to see the cause of the problem up-close, thereby ensuring proper diagnosis of the problem. Town Country Services offers a wide range of HVAC services as well as plumbing repair Princeton IL, so you can count on the company for all your heating, cooling and plumbing needs.

Plumbing Repair Princeton IL

There are a number of plumbing emergencies that can occur at home. For instance, cold or hot water pipes inside the house may start leaking, a faucet may also get damaged, leaving water running continuously. Drain pipes may also get clogged, while hot water faucets may produce cold water. The most serious plumbing problems are backed-up drains and leaking pipes that are embedded in the wall or buried in the slab. They are serious because they can lead to water damage when water flows onto the floor. On the other hand, water leaks can increase your water bill significantly. If you experience any of these problems, you should consider hiring Town Country Services to offer emergency repairs with the aim of mitigating the water damage and reducing your water bill.

If you do not have hot water coming out of your hot water faucets, the plumber will take a look at your water heater and recommend the best course of action.