Spring Valley is a homely little city on the Illinois River. As a result, the city enjoys a microclimate which comprises of cool and humid conditions. In the next few months, the situation will change. Winter will be here with us. The snow will be almost 5-7 inches deep. This means that we will not be venturing  outside all that much. We need to make preparations to ensure we have gone to the store for supplies and ensured our homes will be warm and comfortable.

Furnace installation

A furnace will be a must have in every home because it brings with it warmth and keeps away the cold and diseases. The family will be gathering and will want to enjoy some quality time, this they can only do if the conditions are right. The Christmas cheer and jubilation rest on the ambiance you create for your home The time has come for you to invest in a furnace to warm your home. Town and Country Services is the furnace installation service Spring Valley IL regard highly. Our  customer reviews on  our website are amazing and tell a story all on their own!

All under one roof…

The 97 years we have been in business have taught us so much. We have diversified to different areas. We are  experts in not only heating equipment but also in plumbing and electrical. When you call on us, we come and do a thorough evaluation of your home and advise on any issues we find.

We boast a very competent personnel that are also very kind and cordial. The customer service you get from us is exceptional. We are available 24/7, even during the holiday season. Our joy is when our clients are safe and warm in their homes.

Call us today on 815-442-3415 and let us take care of the heating in your home and ensure a jubilant festive season. Town and Country Services, the only company worth calling.